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Dear Jay Royle:

I attended the Greater Milwaukee Golf Show this past March and wanted to express the joy and
pleasure I attained from my experience. This was my first time at the Golf Show and I only have
positive things to share about my time which spans from the walk into the grounds, to the time I
left. Being my first time I didn’t know what to expect, but I can assure you that everyone I
encountered at the show was polite, and had a positive attitude. On top of that, I was only
looking to shop around for new irons, but ended up buying them anyways.

Even though it was a cold and rainy day, I’m happy to share that on the walk in a nice couple,
also attending the golf show, offered us a free ticket. Only my father, who I was attending the
golf show with, had to buy a ticket. Already I was having a positive experience. This continued
on our way in as we were handed our free sleeve of golf balls for being one of the first 100
people in. I was greeted by nothing but smiles the whole way through.

Once in the show, there were so many exhibits I didn’t know where to start. I walked past the
hole in one challenge, and the putting contest, and finally made it over to all of the major club
manufacturers. I was happy when I saw Nike because I had been researching the new Vapor Fly
irons. I talked with the Nike representative for what seemed like an hour, not only about golf, but
about how we both owned property up in Northern Wisconsin. He was an extremely nice guy
and let me try out the irons, confirming my decision that they were the ones I wanted.

What happened next is what surprised me though. I walked over to where Nevada Bob’s Golf
had their exhibit and was immediately greeted by the owner with a smile. I was looking at the
Nike Vapor Fly irons that I just had tried out, and even though I never planned on purchasing
them, I knew I wanted to. I asked him a series of questions, all of which he answered with
certainty and confidence. He told me what kind of length and lie clubs I needed, and then offered
me a price for them that I just couldn’t refuse. He offered me the clubs for almost 60 percent off
and, to ship them to my house for free. I thought about it for about thirty seconds and then shook
the man’s hand. I just couldn’t turn down this offer.

I can’t imagine the work it took on your part to make this whole event possible. This event gave
myself, and Im sure hundreds more the opportunity to not only learn about golf products from
major brands, but by them at a reasonable, and affordable price. I want to give my thanks to you,
and all who put time into making this event possible. I have nothing but positive things to say
about my experience.



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